Team Power Group Lineman Apprenticeship Program
JL Malone recognizes that accident prevention contributes greatly to the safety and welfare of all concerned. Accident prevention is an important and integral part of productivity, quality service and efficient operations. It is JL Malone’s policy to place safety and health on an equal basis with productivity and the costs of providing quality services.
What does ACCIDENT FREE mean?

  • We believe that in order to be the best we must be the safest contractor.
  • Safety is every Teammate’s responsibility.
  • Every Teammate has the authority and responsibility to inspect and correct unsafe work conditions.
  • Effective planning is essential to achieving safe and profitable work.
  • We require that we consistently enforce JL Malone’s Safety Policy and Procedures.
  • Teammates considered for advancement opportunities must demonstrate excellent safety performance.
  • We expect every Teammate to perform their work in a professional, safe and productive manner and adhere to safe work practices, without exception.
  • We are committed providing a drug-free work environment.
  • Teammate involvement and continuous improvement are critical success factors to being ACCIDENT FREE.

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